Air Tool Sets

58040 - 3" Right Angle Gear Polisher With Hook and Loop Pad Set - Planetary Gear - 4000 Rpm

SKU: 58040

Master Palm Pneumatic 3"  right angle gear polisher uses planetary gear operates at 4000 rpm provides swirl-free and tough polishing effects. This planetary gear type air polisher comes with male mandrel attached...


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18020R Industrial 2" Mini Angle Bolt Tail Cutter Set

SKU: 18020R

Master Palm Industrial 2" Specialty Pneumatic Air Rivet Nut Bolt Tail Cutter Features: 2" industrial-grade mini rivet cutter cut the bodies of longer aluminum rivets and bolt tails to the...


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18050 Industrial 4" Cutting Wheel Angle Cut Off Tool Set - 16500 rpm, 0.9 HP

SKU: 18050

What you need to know about this tool An industrial performance pneumatic mini air cut-off tool is your powerful metal cutting hand tool. Not only it is lightweight and compact...


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18040 Mini 3" Cutting Wheel Low Profile Angle Cut-Off Tool Set With 16500RPM

SKU: 18040

Master Palm Industrial-Grade Mini Air Cutting Tool & Saw Set, 3-inch cutting wheel 3" industrial-grade mini cutting saw, total length including 3" wheel approx. 6" with 1.5" diameter housing. The...


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3" Pad Low Profile Right Angle Mini Air Polisher Set, 4000 Rpm

SKU: 58049-NB

Master Palm low profile angle Palm mini series 3 inch pad polishers sander.   free speed: 4000 rpm optional mufflerMSA-005A included for further noise reduction. 3? pad air polishing sander...


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18489 Industrial Pneumatic Windshield Removal Tool Set with 12 Blades For Truck, Bus, Car and Vehicles

SKU: 18489

Industrial Glass Windshield Removal Tool with 12 Different Blade Kit Set Master window shield remover helps the user to remove window shield easily with 12 different blades in a plastic...


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31029 1/4" And 1/8" Mini Straight Die Grinder Set, 25000 RPM

SKU: 31029

Master Palm Pneumatic Mini Inline Straight Die Grinder V2 with 1/4" and 1/8" Collect, 25000 rpm, 0.25 HP About Master Palm Mini Air Die Grinder V2 Master Palm pneumatic 1/4"...


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Mini Cutting Wheel 5pcs Set For Master Palm Air Cut-off Tools

SKU: MSA-K30731C-01

Choose different sizes of cutting wheel to fit your Master Palm pneumatic cut-off tools. *Sold as 5 pcs in a pack.  Choose One of The Set By Selecting The Right...


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68220 1/2 Inch Drive Mini Wobble Anvil Twin Hammer Impact Wrench Set, 10000 rpm

SKU: 68220

1/2 drive Master Palm pneumatic Wobble Anvil mini impact wrench set, 10000 rpm. A specialty mini lightweight impact wrench comes with a flexible angle twitch. Impact wrench users can adjust the...


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2" Right Angle Roloc Disc Sander Kit Set - 36 pcs Kit

SKU: MSA-K082-4

Master Palm mini roloc sander 36 pcs kit set is designed for surface sanding after die casting. Roloc Kit Set Includes: Right Angle Sander. Free Speed:16500 rpm. Muffler MSA-005A Noise...


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3" Mini Angle Grinder Set With 10 Pcs Grinding Wheels

SKU: MSA-K081-38339

Master Palm Industrial Low Profile Angle Grinder With Palm Mini Size Housing Set - ISO 9001:2015 Certified, CE Compliant 38330 3" Right Angle Grinder Features 3" mini angle grinder set...


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Industrial Reversible Internal Adjustable Torque 1/4" Straight Inline Screwdriver Set

SKU: MSA-K7802

Master Palm pneumatic industrial grade reversible internal adjustable torque 1/4" inline straight screwdriver set comes with all the accessory that you need to complete your job. The screw driver is...


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Reversible Internal Adjustable Torque Pistol Grip Screwdriver Set

SKU: MSA-K7801

reversible internal adjustable torque pistol grip screwdriver set, 1800 rpm, comes with all the accessory that you need to complete your job. The screw driver is designed for challenging jobs...


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2" Mini Angle Grinder Tool Set 10 pcs with grinding wheels

SKU: 38019

Master Palm Industrial 2" Low Profile Angle Grinder With Palm Mini Size Housing Set With 10 pcs of 2" grinding wheel - ISO 9001:2015 Certified, CE Compliant 38010 2" Right...


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Low Profile Angle Palm Mini Right Angle Triangle Detail Polisher Set With Muffler, 3800 Rpm

SKU: 58069

Master Palm detail sander set with triangle pads with curve edges are your solution for curve edges, corners sanding that normal sanders and polishers can not do. Finish-polishing of any...


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Industrial 19 pcs 2" Right Angle Orbital Sander Set, MSA-K083

SKU: 58029

The random orbit is produced through simultaneously spinning sanding disk and moving it in an ellipse, ensuring that no single part of the abrasive material travels the same path twice....


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3" Non-reversible Random Orbital Polisher and Buffer Set - 100% European Wool Pad Included

SKU: 51509-4

3" Non-reversible Random Orbital Polisher and Buffer Set The tool comes with a hook and loop backing pad. Rubber Grip Design Rubber Grip Design Enables Users To Hold The Tool...


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36409 30 Degree Composite 1/4" Angle Air Die Grinder 48 Pcs Set, 25000 Rpm

SKU: 36409

30 Degree Composite 1/4" Angle Air Die Grinder 48 Pcs Set, 25000 Rpm Composite ergonomically designed 1/4" 30-degree grip angle die grinder, 25000 rpm, safety lever, side exhaust, composite design,...


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