Air Tool Sets

58040 - 3" Right Angle Gear Polisher With Hook and Loop Pad Set - Planetary Gear - 4000 Rpm

SKU: 58040

Master Palm Pneumatic 3"  right angle gear polisher uses planetary gear operates at 4000 rpm provides swirl-free and tough polishing effects. This planetary gear type air polisher comes with male mandrel attached...


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18020R Industrial 2" Mini Angle Bolt Tail Cutter Set

SKU: 18020R

Master Palm Industrial 2" Specialty Pneumatic Air Rivet Nut Bolt Tail Cutter Features: 2" industrial-grade mini rivet cutter cut the bodies of longer aluminum rivets and bolt tails to the...


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18050 Industrial 4" Cutting Wheel Angle Cut Off Tool Set - 16500 rpm, 0.9 HP

SKU: 18050

What you need to know about this tool An industrial performance pneumatic mini air cut-off tool is your powerful metal cutting hand tool. Not only it is lightweight and compact...


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31029 1/4" And 1/8" Mini Straight Die Grinder Set, 25000 RPM

SKU: 31029

Master Palm Pneumatic Mini Inline Straight Die Grinder V2 with 1/4" and 1/8" Collect, 25000 rpm, 0.25 HP About Master Palm Mini Air Die Grinder V2 Master Palm pneumatic 1/4"...


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18040 Mini 3" Cutting Wheel Low Profile Angle Cut-Off Tool Set With 16500RPM

SKU: 18040

Master Palm Industrial-Grade Mini Air Cutting Tool & Saw Set, 3-inch cutting wheel 3" industrial-grade mini cutting saw, total length including 3" wheel approx. 6" with 1.5" diameter housing. The...


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3" Pad Low Profile Right Angle Mini Air Polisher Set, 4000 Rpm

SKU: 58049-NB

Master Palm low profile angle Palm mini-series 3-inch pad polishers sander. free speed: 4000 rpm optional mufflerMSA-005A included for further noise reduction. 3" pad air-polishing sander is the single action...


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18489 Industrial Pneumatic Windshield Removal Tool Set with 12 Blades For Truck, Bus, Car and Vehicles

SKU: 18489

Industrial Glass Windshield Removal Tool with 12 Different Blade Kit Set Master window shield remover helps the user to remove window shield easily with 12 different blades in a plastic...


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Mini Cutting Wheel 5pcs Set For Master Palm Air Cut-off Tools

SKU: MSA-K30731C-01

Choose different sizes of cutting wheel to fit your Master Palm pneumatic cut-off tools. *Sold as 5 pcs in a pack.  Choose One of The Set By Selecting The Right...


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68220 1/2 Inch Drive Mini Wobble High Torque Twin Hammer Impact Wrench Set, 10000 rpm

SKU: 68220

1/2 drive Master Palm pneumatic Wobble Anvil mini impact wrench set, 10000 rpm. A specialty mini lightweight impact wrench comes with a flexible angle twitch. Impact wrench users can adjust the...


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2" Right Angle Roloc Disc Sander Kit Set - 36 pcs Kit

SKU: MSA-K082-4

Master Palm mini roloc sander 36 pcs kit set is designed for surface sanding after die casting. Roloc Kit Set Includes: Right Angle Sander. Free Speed:16500 rpm. Muffler MSA-005A Noise...


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