Reversible 1/2"  Pistol Grip Air Drill Heavy Duty, 650 Rpm
Master Palm

Reversible 1/2" Pistol Grip Style Quick Change Air Drill Heavy Duty, 650 Rpm


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Master Palm Reversible Series Keyless Quick Change Pistol Grip Style Air Drill With Side Handle.

  • One hand Reversible Lever.
  • Planetary System.
  • Unique Clamp Shaft Deign.
  • Dual Direction Motion Trigger Press.
  • Rubber Jacket Grip.
  • Palm Curve Tail Design.
  • Unique Clamp Shaft Deign: newly designed side handle is used as strength support on all side handle models, just clip the side handle ring into the female type side handle grip, for either right or left handed to operate tool at ease comforts.
  • Dual Direction Motion Trigger Press: Easy to switch between reverse or forward directions during operation.
  • Rubber Jacket Grip: provides comforts while operating applications required more strength and long duration usage comforts.
  • Palm Curve Tail Design: Special Palm Curve Design to improve holding strength and ease of use .
SKU 28580K
Item Name Reversible 1/2" Pistol Grip Air Drill Heavy Duty, 650 Rpm
air consumption 13.4 cfm (0.39 m3/min)
air pressure 90 psi/6.21 bar
chuck size 1/2"/13mm
exhaust rear
free speed 650 rpm
horse power 0.5 hp/0.38kw
hose size 3/8 "/9.52 mm
noise rating 83 dba

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