Master Palm Pneumatic air tools are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and CE Compliant.

3/16"  Heavy Duty Powerful Air Riveter -  - Wholesale Air Cut-off Tools

3/16" Heavy Duty Powerful Air Riveter

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Master Palm

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Master Palm 3/16" heavy duty powerful air riveter has compact Design with excellent power-to weight ratio, easy nose piece replacement

  • Compact Design with excellent power-to weight ratio.
  • Easy nose piece replacement.
  • Noise-reducing muffler.
  • Wear-resistant surfaces extend tool life.
  • Long Stroke and Powerful .
SKU 11600
Item Name 3/16" Heavy Duty Powerful Air Hydraulic Rivet Gun
air pressure 95 psi/6.55 bar
hose size 3/8 "/9.52 mm
nose piece size 3/32"/2.38 mm,1/8"/3.18 mm,3/16"/4.76 mm,5/32"/3.97 mm
stroke span 0.71"/18.03 mm

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