master small mini series keyed drill chuck straight drills come small light weight. high quality jacobs keyed drill chuck. safety throttle control. gearbox design. tool for hard-to-reach confined area. high speed design for aluminum, tin, brass, plastic m

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Brand: Master Palm
Product Code: 21020

Master Palm Mini Series Keyed Chuck Straight Drills come with feature of.

  • Small light Weight.
  • High quality Jacob Keyed chuck.
  • Safety throttle control.
  • Gearbox design.
  • Tool for hard-to-reach confined Area.
  • High speed design for Aluminum, Tin, Brass, Plastic material.
  • Palm Size Housing Grip
  • The palm size housing is the shortest one in the market that fit right into your palm without traditional dull and heavy weight.
  • Gear Box Inside:.
  • The mini drill uses gearbox inside to increase drill power.
  • Safety Throttle Control:.
  • The safety lever design enables better throttle control for adjusting air flows and avoid tool auto startup.
  • For Touch Drilling: Mini in size but not losing any power in performance.
  • The mini drill is also designed for tough drilling tasks.
  • Ship within 2-3 business days.
Air Flow
Air Consumption 8.5 cfm (0.26 m3/min)
Basic Information
air pressure 80 psi/5.52 bar
chuck size 1/4"/6.35 mm
exhaust rear
free speed 2000 rpm
horse power 0.25 hp/0.19kw
hose size 3/16"/4.76 mm
noise rating 80 dba

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