2"  Small Mini Angle Grinder, 16500 Rpm
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2" Small Mini Angle Grinder, 16500 Rpm


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Industrial 2" Mini Angle Grinder, 16500 rpm - ISO 9001:2015 Certified, CE Compliant.

It is more than a mini angle grinder

2" mini angle grinder, low profile, comes with 1 free piece of 2" grinding wheel, used for easy operation at hard to. reach area and angular surfaces.

  • Free Speed:16500 rpm.
  • Small compact in size.
  • Safety Throttle Control.
  • 5 pcs x 2" Grinding Wheels
  • Lightweight reliable performance.
  • Tools for confined area and angular corners .

SKU 38010
Item Name 2" Small Mini Angle Grinder, 16500 Rpm
air pressure 5.52 psi/80 bar
angle height 0.94/24 mm
disc size 2.3x3/8"/58x9.5 mm
exhaust rear
free speed 16500 rpm
horse power 0.25 hp/0.19kw
hose size 3/16"/4.76 mm
noise rating 81 dba

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