Master Palm Pneumatic air tools are ISO 9001:2015 Certified and CE Compliant.

12" Industrial Extended Straight Grinder, Roll Type Throttle Horizontal Grinder -  - Wholesale Air Grinders

12" Industrial Extended Straight Grinder, Roll Type Throttle Horizontal Grinder

Master Palm

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12in extensive shaft long neck design uses a strong internal mechanism which provides tool use a better and more powerful grinder with 2 hands operation that can go beyond normal depth to operate tasks.

side exhaust helps maintain normal temperature without overheating problems. the guard protects the tool users from injury. available in 12", 10" and 5" extensive shaft.  Fits 3" and 4" grinding wheel accessories.

The total 18.9" length include the shank itself in12" plus the length of the housing.

Custom Made, Requires At Least 20 Business Lead Time 
SKU 30550
Item Name 12" Long Neck Industrial Horizontal Roll Throttle Air Grinder With Extended Shaft
air hose size 3/8" (9.5 mm)
air pressure 90 psi / 6.3 bar
free speed 16500 rpm
grinding wheel size 3"x3/8" (76mmx9.5mm)
gross length 18.9" (480 mm)
gross weight (without grinding wheel) 3.6 lb (1.62 kg)
horse power 1.2hp / 0.88kw
noise rating 91dba
spindle thread 3/8" (9.5mm)

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